Market Studies

Apical Management possesses expertise in market development and offers services to companies wishing to explore new business opportunities in South Africa, Africa and world markets. We work as a facilitator and partner of our clients’ expansion on new markets.

Market studies allow acquiring knowledge about the best business practices in the targeted markets. Conducting an analysis of the sectors and markets allows identifying who are the main business players, the market trends, and the laws and regulations applicable to businesses. Our analysis also allows understanding the relevancy of exploring a specific market and making recommendations leading to the development of the market penetration strategy.

Market studies also consist at identifying and quantifying targeted clientele. To do so we proceed to an analysis of purchasing behaviour, we identify who are the key players, their motivations and criteria. We also help establish who are your direct and indirect competitors and what are their market share, prices and strategies.



Marketing Strategies and Market Penetration Strategies

On-site Presence:It’s not always easy to know how to do business in the countries you wish to explore. The language barrier, business politics, cultural distinctive traits may create obstacles to new clients’ acquisition. We accompany our clients in foreign markets to help them in their commercial endeavours

Management and Coordination Participation to international trade shows is sometimes complicated. Apical Management can help you in all aspects of logistics such as installation and setup of booths, recruitment of hosts and hostesses, production of various documents and promotional material written in required language(s) and adapted to the needs of the specific market(s) visited.

Recommendations Apical Management can help you negotiate distribution agreement by informing you on the most common rules and provisions prevailing in a country.

Partnership Development It could be essential to develop partnerships to effectively penetrate a new market. Apical Management can help you secure commercial, institutional and financial partnerships.

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